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Since HAU is an institution of higher education, our goals include academic and emotional-social goals. Since we are a Christian school, training men and women for Christian leadership, our goals include spiritual and ministry/professional goals. This section lists these goals.

Spiritual Goals
It is the intent of HAU that all students exhibit attitudes and values consistent with the mission of HAU; Exhibit a maturing relationship with Jesus Christ; Appreciate the role of music in personal and corporate worship; and Develop a consistent habit of praying for themselves, their associates, and the world.

Academic Goals
It is the intent of HAU that all students exercise college-level competencies in reading, writing, speaking, and researching in Korean; Exercise critical and creative thinking skills that are necessary to analyze ideas and solve problems; Exercise an ability to exegete the whole Word of God based upon sound knowledge and theology; and Integrate their learning into a Christian worldview based upon sound biblical exegesis.

Emotional-Social Goal
It is the intent of HAU that all students develop and exercise personal sensitivities and interpersonal skills that facilitate harmonious relationships in ethnically and culturally diverse environments.

Ministerial Goal
It is the intent of  Henry Appenzeller University that all students apply academic skills in a practical learning environment.