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HAU Spiritual Reformation Center (SRC) is an affiliated organization of Henry Appenzeller University. The SRC was established to provide spiritual training programs for ministers who are struggling with the difficult atmospheres of immigrant churches and to empower them to recover their spiritual vitality and passion in their ministry.

1. 4-day Spiritual Training Program

The SRC is a 4-day program beginning on the third Sunday of every month. Through quiet meditation, participants will have time to reflect on their spiritual life, listen to the voice of God to heal their soul and mind, and recover their spirituality through the teachings of the Bible.

This program provides an opportunity for students to analyze their ministerial setting, to prepare the upcoming ministry as immigrant churches, and to recover their leadership for their community.

2. SRC Zoom Café

SRC holds a Zoom meeting every Tuesday from 4pm to 5pm (Pacific Time) for the members of the Korean Methodist Church of the Americas to have fellowship and to share digital information for their ministry.